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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 2, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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now on fox 45 early ediiion. we have eyes and ears and feet on he street and it's not a good place if you're looking a downtown shooting heading into the holiday weekend. %-kkep you safe this 4th of 4thf july. >> violent messages left by a woman before her husband'sú deaah, the mental illness, mary koontz says pushed her to
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murder.3 we cannot have 15 mmxed policies. >> mixed messages. ú%e difference between the 50 immigratton poliiies across thh u.s. good morninn. welcome to fox 45 aaly editioo. you are ttking a live look therú at the oil spill in the guuf of -exico, still just gushhng out there continues to go and they are still trying to finddways to stop that, of course, and still just a devastating at that point. welcome to fox 45 early edition. i'm megan gilliland. patrice harris has the morning off, it's friday, july second and because it's friday, it's %-face book page about anything3 you want to talk this morning. let us know what s your response, and your response to
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be aired on the face bookú segment. go to pacebook and becomeea fanú especially during a 3 day weekend that should be a beautiful one, meteorologist %-it's so much cooler. ú% i don't hink anyyody can complain about the weather on facebook. p> no, we want to hear ggod, good stuff. we are going to have a ood dayy and the hot spannled banner. if you don't like the hht spot, it's going to return, not today. enjoy, enjoy, 56 degrees at bwi. look at thh dew points, and remember we had the hundreds that and now we're in the 70s. %-air filttring in, not today,% clear, skies, no rain on the horizon, we will have beautiful sunshine tooay. 76 at the lunchtime topping out at 82 before we cool down to
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about 80 degrees at 6:00. when i come back in a little bit, we will tell you about the big 4th of july weekknd. let's get on thh roadways rolling out there friday, holiday start to the weekend. we will sse f things are cooking ut there. here ii candace.3 >> repprter: thank yyu, tony. acttally nnttdoing too bad, but we have congestion that is formiig on the outer loop lanes of the beltway at liberty road, quite a fewwcars traveling this from 795, toward 95, thht'sú in the green. 11 minutes, at 54 miles per hour.úon 95, report oo an accidt washington boulevard, but as fo3 now the fort mchenry tunnell 8 mmnutee with 55 miles per hoor, and 8 miiutes rom the harbor tunnel all the way down toward 95. that's a look at the morning megan, bacc over to you. thank you, candace.3
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503 n fox 45 early edition. one person is in the ospital after a downtown shooting this morning. %-preppring to celebrate the big holiday weekend. -> reporter: we are talkinge oe about a shooting hat happened frommwwat you can see investigators areestill colllcting evidence. it happened at a place that still has to be closed when it ú%ppened at 3:15. said people were inside and we ú%ard that one person was shot, ú%male taken to shock trauma. don't know his condition, people shoulddbe very serious. it once again, we don't note victim's condition, but this happened at 3:15 at the queen's ú%r one person shot there. this happens as the police arr preparing for the weekend. more than 330 officcrs will be
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hitting the pavement. forrthe first time troopees from the maryland state police will also keep an eye on the crowd..3 and the maryland transpprtation authority willlbe nvolved. many of the people will be reccgnizable, but some will be undercover watching the crowds from beneath. and the commissioner says you nned to ooyour part as well. ú% a very good ppan of where you %-going to go and how you areoue going to leave.3 if you don't have that plan, you could be frustrattd. >> reporter: the beef up security comes after another once again here, investigators inside and outside of queens puka bar for a shootiig that happened at 31!! 3:15. they are still looking at what evidence hey can find. theee was a hat and a shirt they ú%st ggthered up and they'rr still inside looking for cluee. what i hear the person that was
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serious condition taken to the hospital. joel d smith, ox 44 early edition. baltimore currently the lowest it has been in the last 25 years. at this time last year there were 150 murddrr recorded in the city. as of today, there have been 100 killings. in this case baltimore is on track for 200 murders this year. this is not a cause for for me this is a call for fur further action. this ear's nummers indicate that baltimore can be a safer city. >> officcals credited efforts to getting guns off the streets with helping tt reduce the numbers. they cited strong relationssip between police officers and prosecutors as well. baltimore countyypolice %-murder in morning officers were called to the intersection of baner andd3 sanderwood roads around 2:45 his morning. the victim was taken to the hospital where he wws later pronounced dead.
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police are still trying to was killed.3 they are looking for suspects. two men convict of nearly behhediig three young children will remaii behind bars. the court of special ppeals ú%held a 200!! 2006 convictionsf ú%pinoza and panela. theyyreceived two life senttnceú in the killings of their cousins. their throats had been slashed.n the prosecutor claimmd that the judge made a mistake by nnt showing jury notes to lawyers, but the court did not believe that would affect the verdict. guilty in the death of her co-worker. she was accused of involuntaryy3 man sloty. she stabbed the person on and lane will be sentenced. helen holton issoff the hook
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on briarly hargess a courr ruled thaa the chargess3 could be thrown out. she was accused of giving votesú the court of appeals firmed they cannot be used as evidence. >> i ave learned you don't take anything for granted and i'm grateful that the court of ú%ofessional appeall ruled in my favor and i'm going to take sometime and enjoy this weekeed. >> holton will still o to triaú in october on the campaign financeecharges. imagine flushing yoor toilet and having water start falliig3 fromm he ceiling. hallman who ssys water has beena week oo and no one is doing anything about it. billl says it's caused part of ú% rocessshe told his landlord about the leak last week, but since friday hhd nnt seen a repairman and it was still
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leaking. now he is worried about the health and safety of hiss3 week old daughter. >> i don't understand how you can sleep attnight knowing theee conditions and you have3 the ability to correct them, and attorneys want tenants to know they do have rights. if landlords don't repair problemss they urge the tenantsú to contact the county inspector and documeet everything. county, all of the 15 approved speed cameras in the county school zones are up nd runningú they're operated from monday through friday from 6:00 a.m. all the to 8:00 p.m. if you're caught going more than 12 miles pee hhur over that speed limit, you will face a $40 ticket. the oil desaster in the gulf sets a record now based on the government's highest estimates. the oil spill now the larrest ever in u.s. history. here is a live look at the massive leak. you can see it keeps adding oil
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$140 million galloos.e than it has now surpassed an oil spill off the coast of mexico back n 1999.ú the government and p have had a hard time determining how much oil has flooded into the gulf. a low range eettmate puts the now as part of theebppclean up efforts, the largeet skimmer ii it's called a whale.ú it canncollect up to 121,000 gallonn of oilla day. the ship has ever been tested and it's a question of how it will ooerate ouu there. >> the owners offered to brrng it at their expense and see how it would work. operate in a couple of days. oil skimmiig has een resumed in the gulf affer being forccd to stop because of hurricane
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alex. rain makkr. six inches of rain fell on the island. ú%inwater on thh streets receded quickly. of the worst damage was high winds, knocking a pole on the queen elsa bela cosway sphwhrks >> this is oppooite of the worst caae ssenario. >> now businesses hope that tourists returr for the holiday -p the president calls for immigration reform in the wake of arizona's new law. president obama ssoke at d.c. he says we need to take more efforts to secure the nation's booders. the current system is broken and arizona's law is no solution. >> it'' not just that the law arizona passed is -- although it has fanned the flames of aa3 contentious debate. laws like arizona put huge %-enforcement and force rules tt ultimately are unenforceable.
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>> the president says new reforms should alllw illegals 3 earn legal sta!! status if theyd hard while in america. the relegislation will go into ú%fect this month. p> at a with us for continuinn coverage of this story. we wwll talk with elijah cummings about he president's push for immigration reform. that is coming up in the senator robert byrd made his last trip toochambers. he was the longest 7ing senator in u.s. history beginning his term ii 1959. today he will be remembered in %-servicc with president obama d vice president biden. byrd's asket will be blown back to arlington, virginia, where hú will be buriedd he died on monday.3 he was a 92 years ood. %-money for thh war in afganistn
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to the senate. >> reporter: members of the house worked late to approve $80 billion to pay for the warrú ú% afganistan. the legislation moved ahead despite sentiments about the war. >> we are supposed to e a bottom lees ppt. don't askkany questions, give them the money they want and look theeother way. >> who would have imagined that they would have 100,000 troopp the facc that they statement thaa there's few qied in al-qaen afganistan. >> reporter: for some challenging the money commitment was ssen as aasly to the men and women in theefields. >> our troops in the field need to knnw that we are supporting them with whatever it is that >> defense secretary roberr gates haasbeen anxiously3 awaiting the war money he for bbck innfebruary, buttthe rral
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deadline for congress to come up with it until tte august recessú >> how is the not tte time to abandon this war, our nato >> reporter: democratic leaders adddd money for summer joos, school grants and looming off the wave of teacher layoffs. >> i thinn it's obviouu, we are not going to be able to ebuild our wn country and making the investmenns here at home, as long as e areecontiiuing the mission in afganistan. was a tough one. the senators republicans have threatened to vote it down beeauue the house dddd money foo domestic programs. maryanne lafferty, fox news. preparations are underway for the bbg weekend 4th of ú%ly celebration wwil be held at the inner harbor this sunday at 9:30 p.m. theefireworks will explode to
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choreograph music over the harror there. the music should be heard at the %-if ttere's bad weather, the sw will take place on monday night at 9:300 if you are sstting off your own should know to keep safe this holiday.ú we are going to talk wiih an expert of how to avoid injuries to your face when setting off fireworks. that is coming ccmmng up in our 7:00 hour. coming up ii the eaaly %-trying to prove insanity. >> [bleep] [bleepp >> how testimony from prrfessionals is shaping a baltimore countt murder case..3 well, we have a nice cool 68 degrees at bwiday morning,
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it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities visit at 800-974-6006 tty/v. welcome bacc, everyone. ú%ony pagnotti. we are at 5:17. 69 here at charm cityy still cool out in oakland,
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%-let's take a look and see what we havv outtthere, nothing to though morning. we're going to stay that way through the holiday weekendd cooler temmeratures, cooler in harrisburg, 52 in pittssurgh, %-the highhpressure system that has been giving us the delightfully cool relief in our weather will stay with uu at least today, but then watch what happenn. holiday weekend startt to heat up literally, a arming trend in place and e're going to return to some oo the soup but not today, tomorrow, and the city it's looking good right through suuddy witt temperatures today, only 77 and nicely into the mid-80s. here is your bake cast. got a high tide later this morning at 11:16. the sky watch forecast for today, how about 88 degrees on the eastern shore. winds northeast, 5-15 miles per3 here in central maryland, a good deal of sunshine, blue skiee, llw humidity, i just love this
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365 days aayear if we could do it. western maryyand the sccool sppt as usual, 79 degrees out there on deep creek lake. a good day to get out on the wattrr f you're out in that direccion, winds north ú%15 miles per hour. 62 degrees ttnight. yyu're going to notice things are nice todayyand tomorrow, no humiditt building, but tomorrow3 we're going to start to notice %-on up from the 80s.t to move pushing 90 tomorrow. you're also going to be feeling the heattand he humidity start to build, but you ain't felt noohing yet until you see the seeen-day foreeast..3 look at today, great day, low 80s, sunshinn, omorrow pushing 90 degrees. say this is startinggto feelg to stuff but the humid stuff that we had. how about 96 on sunday, the star sppngled 98 degrees on yourúú%my into wednesday, no rain.
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we do need some rain, but it looks not until tuesday, anyy3 chance in the fooecast. well, let's see if the rradways are heating up yet on the start of our holiday weekend officially this orning. here is candace and the traffic edgg report. weel, tooyy acttally too bad %-a good time to get oot and hit the roadways if you're trying to get away this weekend. right now on 955 at 52 miles per hour mooing through whitemarsh and on the jfx, it's gay miles %-there's trouble inside baltimore. police activity in facc. we ccn show what the area looks llke. baltimore street there's a road closure at calvert street. just be aware of that. we will continue to monitor the situation. as yyu can take theelive look, you can see investigators are ú%gether of a shooting there that took place earlier. as for the main lines of 95, scooting through the fort mchen retunnel, let'henry tunnet
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ouu. take thatt that's theedeal toward the beltway.ú at the beltway at west frederick road, traffic issflowing freely, out and inner loop up toward 70. that's a look at the morning ttavvls. back over to you. team ua'ssperformance in the world cup got america excited for soccer. you prooably can't go to south3 africa to catch all of that action, but international stars comingg ere to baltimore. manccester city will ttke on innermmlan, saturday -ickets are still yaib availablt ticketmaster. you can fineethe link at you can also win tiikets from us. the ravens gave us tickets. we are goiig to givec? 3
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a juuy will decide if mary koontz knew what she was doing when she murrereddher husband. defense atttrneys claim she is psychotic. >> reporter: defense koontz defense points toophone messages left before the murder
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as evidence. >> [ iiaudible ] [bleep] bleep] die, die. >> one day she would be vvry apologetii. the next day she would be enraged. it'ssthe hallmark of a borderline personality disorder. >> reporter: while testifying in court, personal psychologist, tessified she suffers from eight different mental disorders. the day of the shootinggshe describbd ccoont koootz as psycc and delussonal. >> on the day of the murder she saw herself. this constant preoccupation that she thought that ron as -exually abusing theer daughter. there's no evidence that was the case. furthermore is that he was
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embracing her after she had repeatedly shot him. >> reporter: the sychologist who conducted an evaluation on koontz doesn't think so alttoug3 it's not strange for people in her condition to do so.3 >> a war of words in theerace for governnr. how governor o'malley is responding to criticism from bob ehrlich over marx trains can a smart phone reach the four corners of the earth ?
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and get a second one free. -p a tough day on wall stree, unemployment on the rise, housinn and auto sales in a slump and stocks take a recorr plunge. adam shapiro has more. >> reporter: another bllw to jobs and new low for stocks. ú%eeddw ssedding another 41 points, blue chips at the lower -evel of the year. the number f people filing new ccaims for unemployment rising to 13,000 last year. that is worst than expected. housing taking another hht the contracts to uy homes, diving at 33%. the lowest level on record for pending sales. %-tax credit hurting housing.t freddy mmc says the average for a 36 yya!!for a 30 year loag
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below 4%. double digit falls.d seeing and toyyta's sales rr falling ú% 14%. thattii business, i'm adam shapiro. coming up a pregnant company struck by a ccr -- womma struck by a car while trying to cross the street. hear the pleas from her sister ú%rrthe driver who hit her.
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